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Whether you're looking for a fun activity, or you're interested in the competitive side of things, we have something for everyone!


What’s more - you don’t have to be on our teams to benefit from our classes. If you'd like to develop a specific skill (for example in tumbling or flexibility) we have a class for you.
We welcome kids from the age of 3, right up to adults into our program.


We have yet to meet a child that doesn’t love trampolining!


These classes will teach you how to safely use a trampoline, fall correctly and work your way up to beautiful airborne skills under the instruction of a British Gymnastics Senior Club Coach.

Whether you'd like to join our trampoline classes for fun, or with a view towards grading and entering the competition scene, we'll work with you to help you achieve your dreams!


Tumbling is the equivalent of floor gymnastics.


It’s all the stuff that we do without equipment. Starting with our youngest kids (learning their shapes, forward rolls and handstands) right up to our most elite athletes (who do standing full twisting somersaults!) we have a tumble class to meet your needs.

Tumbling is one of many elements of Allstar Cheer, so any athlete who is on a competitive cheer team must take at least one level specific tumble class per week as part of their scheduled training practice.

No matter what your age, you can start tumbling with us!

Rec Cheer

Recreational cheer allows kids who are interested in doing cheer to explore the elements of dance, stunts and jumps that are combined in the sport, in a relaxed and fun environment.


Our recreational groups do not compete, but are encouraged to take a tumble class if they'd like to join a team in the future.

AllStar Cheer

Allstar Cheer is our competitive cheer program.


Earmarked for Olympic recognition in the next few years, Allstar Cheer is an exciting hybrid of stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance as a team, with high energy and high impact. Some Allstar athletes are well rounded and can perform all of the skills required, others choose to specialise (e.g. stunting or tumbling).


So long as you're making a contribution to the overall team, you don't need to be super-talented in all areas. Our coaches will place you in a team that we feel will bring out the best in you, and where you will work best with the team.

We recruit for our Allstar teams in June each year through tryouts/ auditions. You do not need previous experience - everyone who tries out makes a team. The tryout process simply allows the coaching staff to assess your current level of ability and ensure that you're placed in a level & skills-appropriate team.

Please note: A higher commitment level is required for our competitive teams, both in terms of attendance and cost.

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